Name Position
Xiangyao Liu Chairman of the Board
James Stuart Coleman Director
Zhanhuai Cheng Director
Yanliang Wu Director
Yu Zong Director
Harvey Leibowitz Independent Director
Zhixue Liu Independent Director
Tongming Wang Independent Director
Romano Tio Independent Director
Danel W. Heffernan Independent Director
Xin Zheng Independent Director

   Yantgze River Development Limited Corporate Governance
   • Nomination Committee: Daniel W. Heffernan (Chair), Harvey Leibowitz, Zhixue Liu, Romano Tio, Zhihong Su.
   Corp Gov_Nominating_Committee_Charter.pdf
   • Audit Committee: Harvey Leibowitz (Chair), Zhihong Su, Daniel W. Heffernan, Romano Tio, Tongmin Wang.
   Corp Gov_Audit_Committee_Charter.pdf
   • Compensation Committee: Harvey Leibowitz (Chair), Zhihong Su, Zhixue Liu, Romano Tio, Daniel W. Heffernan.
   Corp Gov_Comp_Committee_Charter.pdf
   • Governance and Human Resources Committee: Zhihong Su (Chair), Harvey Leibowitz, Romano Tio, Daniel W. Heffernan, Tongmin Wang.
   Corp Gov_Goverance and Human_Resources_Commitee_Charter.pdf
   • Board Oversight Committee: Daniel W. Heffernan (Chair), Zhixue Liu, Harvey Leibowitz, Romano Tio, Zhihong Su.
   • Social Media Committee: Romano Tio (Chair), Harvey Leibowitz, Zhihong Su, Daniel W. Heffernan, Tongmin Wang.
   (1)Corp Gov_Code_of_Business_Conduct_and_Ethics.pdf
   (2)Corp Gov_REG FD Written_Disclosure_Policy.pdf