1. Where is Yangtze River Development headquartered?
         183 Broadway, Suite 5, New York, NY 10007.
  2. When was Yangtze River Development incorporated?
         Yangtze River Development was incorporated in 2009 in the State of Nevada.
  3. How many employees does Yangtze River Development have?
         As of December 31, 2015Yangtze River Development had 86 employees.
  4. Where isYangtze River Development stock traded and what is the ticker symbol?
         Yangtze River Development's stock trade on OTC Market under the ticker 'YERR'.
  5. Who is Yangtze River Development's legal counsel?
         Lucosky Brookman LLP.
  6. Who is Yangtze River Development's independent auditing firm?
  7. When does Yangtze River Development's fiscal year end?
         December 31.